DIY RV Solar Panel Kits

Do you own a recreational vehicle that you enjoy taking out into the wilderness, far from any hook-ups or local stores? Perhaps you are among the many preppers who are attempting to prepare for some type of doomsday event to occur, such as a war or extreme natural disaster. Maybe you are an environmentally conscious person who wishes to minimize their damage to the environment while still enjoying many of the modern amenities available in advanced nations.

Whether it was one of these reasons or some other cause, you have apparently realized that RV solar panel kits for your mobile vehicle are a really wise idea for multiple reasons. You will save money, always have power, and be making a contribution to environmentally sound choices, which will hopefully inspire others to make these types of decisions.

There are several things that you will need to consider before you make a purchasing commitment to a new solar panel kit. How large is your recreational vehicle and how much do you use the power when you are out with it? There are some people who prefer to minimize their usage of lights and technology in the RV while others want a more luxurious experience, with slide-outs, real hardwoods and marble, and state-of-the-art technology.

It is likely that you will fall somewhere between these two on the spectrum. Keep in mind that even if you are planning to use the lights and other electricity minimally, there are some things which must be left operating, such as your fridge and freezer. You will need to plan for this much power from your RV solar panels, or come up with an alternative cooking source.

Ideally, you will select a solar-recharged battery system that can work to supply the AC and DC power needs that you have in your recreational vehicle. If you find that your needs fall on the border between two different sizes of solar panel kits, you should probably get the larger of the two. Should you find that you have to rely on it for longer than you had initially anticipated, you will appreciate the additional juice to help you keep everything flowing smoothly.

When you are calculating the costs, you want to check to see what items are in the kits that you are considering. There may be critical additional hardware that you need to buy in order to make it work optimally for you. There are also accessories to enhance your experience. Remember that you will need to safely store the excess power when not in use so that you will have it available when needed later in the day after the sun has set, and you want light, to cook or even shower.

In order to make your recreational vehicle more self-sustaining, the addition of solar panels simply makes good sense. Find a kit that meets your power needs and your budget. If it is not the size that you would like, see about getting one you can add on to in the future.